The Air Pollution in UK is a Public Health Emergency states MPs

According to the cross party committee of MPs, the Air pollution in UK is seen as a public health emergency, the committee states that the government must do something  more about it like bringing in a scrap vehicle scheme for the old and dirty diesel vehicles. The records that the Government has maintained shows that the air pollution causes around 50K early deaths one year and the ministers have been forced to bring in a new action plan after losing out on the supreme court case in the year 2015. However, the MPs’ critical report that was published this Wednesday states that much more action is required to tackle the issue like giving dozens of cities that currently suffer illegal levels of air pollution stronger powers to deter polluting vehicles with fines.

public health emergency

The committee went on to state that the vehicle exhausts are one of the main reasons for air pollution, they said that around ninety seven percent of all the modern diesel cars release more toxic. In the month of February, the UK ministers supported more realistic EU regulations, however these still lets the new vehicles to emit double the prescribed limit. The report from the MP’s says that the ministers have to instead argue robustly for lower limits in the near future.

The Efra committee states that the financial incentives to trade in vehicles must target those vehicles that are older than ten years old. In the year 2009 the government ran a three hundred million pound car scrapping scheme for boosting the recession hit motor industry. It went on to state that the Air pollution not just involves Defra but also health, transport & other departments. But, the report from the MP’s is very critical of overall government efforts.

The report released by the MP’s also states that the farmers have to step up action in order to cut down the pollution. A study that was conducted in the month of  September last year indicated that the air pollution from farms that reacts with traffic fumes in towns or cities to produce tiny particles was the main cause for half of the premature deaths.

The MPs also added that Volkswagen, the company that used cheat devices to fool emissions tests on its vehicles, has to pay out to people who bought the cars. It stated that Volkswagen had proven to have misled customers and therefore the company has to pay appropriate compensation.